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Passenger vessel liability insurance
23 June 2023

Passenger vessel liability insurance


Shipping companies involved in the transportation of passengers, vehicles and cargo are often required to charter a vessel to offer this service. When entering into a charter party contract for the carriage of passengers and their luggage the Charterer may be exposed to a variety of risks connected with this type of trade.


For example, under a standard time charter party for RoPax vessels the Charterer remains liable towards the Owners of the vessel for, among others:

  • Damage to hull arising from Charterers instructing the vessel into an unsafe port or place, cargo operations or caused by cargo itself, the supply of unsuitable fuels and/or fuels which do not comply with the specifications and/or grades set out in the charter party;
  • Damage to cargo resulting from loading/unloading, stowage, lashing/unlashing or other handling of cargo;
  • Passengers on board the vessel and any claims made as a result of the carriage of passengers and other persons acting on behalf of the Charterers;
  • Charterers’ Personnel or Crew;
  • Payment of hire;
  • Delays

What does Charterama offer to Ropax Trade Charterers?

Charterama offers tailor-made insurance cover for Charterers involved in RoPax trade.
Accordingly, under Class A of our policy we can cover your liabilities as Charterer of a vessel for damage to hull, cargo liability and P&I in general.

In addition, we can cover the liabilities in respect of Charterers’ crew and passengers on board. With regard to crew and passenger liability, it is important to highlight that coverage will be subject to the terms of the international maritime conventions dealing with the conditions for the employment of personnel on board a vessel and to the carriage of passengers and their luggage by sea.

For hire, delays or other charter party disputes we can offer under Class C of our policy defence cover (FDD) which cover Charterers’ legal expenses and provides access to legal advice and guidance on operational issues from our claims team.

If required we can facilitate other covers like bunkers (total loss cover for the value of your bunkers on board), War (cover the liability of Charterers for claims in case of a war like incident), etc.

Please contact your underwriter for any further information about Charterama and/or our product portfolio.

This article is written by Dantonia Jongmans-Fermín.

Charterama is an international service provider and I'm happy to serve our clients in the Asia Pacific region.
Kwan Tang - Deputy Director Business Development

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